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Whimsical Colors Silk Whimsy Gradients Sets 200g

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These 200g sets are on CLEARANCE sale!  I will no longer be making these!  I will continue to make my 150g sets (previously called SMALL)

Find our regular sets here: Silk Whimsy 150g Gradient Sets.

Hand dyed in the shop!

Yummy yarn!  Shiny with the silk and dare I say "silky"?  Well, it is that.  Takes the color beautifully and knits up into delicious socks (yup! Silk is a strong fiber that helps your socks last), shawls, and garments. Find full skeins here:  Silk Whimsy.

Content: 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk
Yarn category: Fingering
Weight / Yardage: 200g / 800 yards
Gauge: 7-8 stitches per inch
Care: Machine or hand wash with care, line dry

Each regular set comes with 5 mini skeins of yarn:
Medium: 40g/160yds per color for a total of 200g/800yds
The Rainbow sets come with 6 mini skeins:
Medium: 40g/160yds per color for a total of 240g/960yds


Use the kits to make shawls, baby sweaters, socks and more!


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Island Wools is the local yarn shop in Friday Harbor, Washington on San Juan Island in the middle of Puget Sound! We are just a relaxing ferry ride away from the mainland.

Whimsical Colors yarns are dyed in the shop by Julie. Come see our beautiful selection!