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Eucalan 16.9 Ounces

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Easy to use!  Simply soak your items for at least 15 minutes, squeeze out excess water (roll in a towel to help!), and lay flat to dry.  No rinsing necessary!

Benefits: Natural moth and flea inhibiting properties. Natural antiseptic properties. Calming, relaxing and uplifting. Contains natural essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrance. When to use: Excellent for wool and other natural fibers. Great for synthetic fibers too. Before storing garments away for any period of time. Washing pets, their bedding, or blankets (lavender is a natural flea inhibitor!). Excellent for lingerie and sports wear.


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Island Wools is the local yarn shop in Friday Harbor, Washington on San Juan Island in the middle of Puget Sound! We are just a relaxing ferry ride away from the mainland.

Whimsical Colors yarns are dyed in the shop by Julie. Come see our beautiful selection!